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12 NLP CD ESSENTIAL SET by Dr Richard Bandler

Live in a Practitioner Seminar!

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As a leading coaching company we are totally aware of the possibilities NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) can offer you. NLP helps you to produce outstanding results and inspires you to communicate with 'extra-ordinary' effectiveness. NLP organises your thought processes, feelings and behaviors to make the positive changes required in your life or work. NLP helps you find solutions and has often be referred to as an 'owners manual for your brain.'

These NLP CDs provide you a unique opportunity to hear and learn from the most creative and entertaining talent in NLP, Dr Richard Bandler. These CDs were recorded live and were produced from an NLP practitioner course that Dr Richard Bandler  and Reza Borr co-presented in India. Dr Richard Bandler was at his peak state. About 500 guru loving Indians were cheering him up as he demonstrated the application of NLP on many complex issues. The style of Dr Bandler makes it easy to learn, digest and apply NLP in your life and in your practice.

These NLP CDs are exclusive to NLP International (

Who Can Benefit From These NLP CDs?

If you want to learn or master NLP
  •  These CDs provide you an advanced understanding of NLP, and give you confidence in practicing NLP
  •  You will master different techniques, principles and presuppositions of NLP
  •  These NLP CDs teach you to perform at a higher level. You will be able to bring out the best in yourself.
If you are a trainer
  •  Modeling Richard Bandler in opening a great session and in applying NLP techniques and principles
  •  You can use them as reference and refer to them regularly to renew very delicate strategies that Richard Bandler uses in his courses
  •  It would be a great advantage for your students to receive the CDs and use them as reference. These CDs as bonuses can attract new delegates to your courses.

You Will Master:

  •  The art of NLP and how to use it best
  •  Changing yourself and other people easily
  •  Communicating your ideas effectively
  •  Presenting yourself successfully and think creatively
  •  Taking responsibility for performing better than anybody expects
  •  Mastering techniques that can heal your body and your mind
  •  Resolving complicated issues and problems
  •  Changing your attitudes, habits, beliefs, perceptions, strategies and the way you look at the world.
  •  Laughing in different situations, seeing the funny side of everything
  •  Understanding the way other people communicate and respond accordingly

You also get these ebooks & NLP CDs by Reza Borr FREE worth £249:

* Reza Borr is a leading authority on self-development and a master trainer of NLP.

Tips For Excellence (ebook)- Over 200 hundred simple and effective strategies for success.

Motivational Stories (ebook)- These short stories empower your and inspire action.

NLP CD - Awaken The Giant Within- You are more than what you think. You can do more than what other people expect of you. You have more potentials than what you have been told.

NLP CD - Becoming Your Desired Self- There are many people who do not know what they want, they don't know what they want to be and they don't know what they are capable of being and what they are capable of doing.

NLP CD - Dreams Coming True- Develop the right mental attitude and learn the right skills for realising your dream

NLP CD - Whole Brain Development - Use both sides of your brain in different activities. Balance your logical and emotional dimensions. Increase your thinking abilities to higher level.

NLP CD - Strengthening Your Resolve - Strengthen your will and your determination

NLP CD - Creating Loyalty- Create trust and loyalty in other people

NLP CD - Leadership Skills. - Learn to become a trusted and inspirational figure

NLP CD - Parenting: Your Child's Purpose In LIfe- Help your child to find his purpose in life and to achieve desired outcomes.

NLP CD - Principles Of Highly Successful People- Successful people are successful because they have the kind of principles that lead them to success.

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What our customers say?

"Dr Richard Bandler has inspired me yet again. These NLP CDs are great to listen to even whilst driving." Mat Williams
"These CDs are really good. My husband, also an NLP practitioner agrees these CDs are ideal for those learning, teaching and mastering the art of NLP." Irena Jacobs

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