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NLP for inspirational change - Dr Borr

I came across NLP when I was in search of a tool that could bring the wonderful life I had lost. I always had enormous capacity for love and laughter. But something had happen that reduced my capacity for having love and laugh and instead made me vulnerable to sickness, swinging moods, disabling anger, frightening frustration and resentment. As a human being I had all these things before but I was always capable of overcoming them. This time, they seemed insurmountable. I needed something that could help me get back how I was before and that happened to be Neuro-Linguistic-Programming, NLP. While I was searching for a new solution I never thought that one day I can regain my health and even improve it. While I was searching for a new way of regaining my self-confidence, I never thought that one day I can secure it even to a higher level. When I was searching my inner soul and external world to find something that takes me to the times of my glory and happiness, I never thought that it would happen again. But NLP served me very well. It helped me change everything. You see, when people are rejected by foes and friends, they get sick without any physical reason. Rejection by those I loved made me feel degraded. Rejection makes people sick. I felt so sick that I thought there were nothing that could cure me but the will in me for becoming completely healthy and wealthy again was still as strong as it was before. NLP began to have a positive impact immediately. This aspect strengthened my resolve I decided to make it a strong tool for change. Whenever I used NLP I felt better and I began to admire Richard Bandler, the creator of NLP for making change easy and achievable for me. Change was never easy for me. What changed other people very easily did not change me. At the same time what I was able to change in myself, most of people I knew were not able to make those changes. After years of observing other people and the difficulties they witnessed when they wanted to change their behaviours and attitudes, I concluded that change was possible but extremely difficult. I thought changes required enormous will power and willingness but with NLP, I found out that the change happens without my permission. Since NLP works with unconscious mind, I did not need all the will power that I used before to change something in myself. When I heard for the first time that I could change my attitude, beliefs and behaviours with NLP, I could not believe it. I thought that an outstanding and possibly dangerous event needed to happen to enable people to change. I didn't think thoughts could be changed so easily. Since I was a kid I developed this idea that everything was possible if I could find the way of doing and achieving it. It was all about the way. That was possibly the reason that the way became so important in Eastern philosophy. In my case and in those dark moments of my life, the way I found was NLP. Today when I think of the past, I think of Richard Bandler as a genius that made sophisticated and complicated thoughts and behaviours easy to change. Thousands of people around the world have learned NLP now. Thousands have used it and felt better. I think Richard Bandler has made more people happy in this world than any other person. In my search for knowing more about NLP and I met him. I immediately liked him. Although he seemed a difficult person by others, to me he was the way he had to be. While people liked him, they could not communicate with him easily. He creates a kind of distance between himself and his students. A lot of people expect Richard Bandler to be like other teachers and teach NLP the way they teach their own subjects. But he uses his own way of teaching which is not similar to any teacher's way as NLP is not similar to another technique or philosophy which so far has been invented by many people in humankind's history.