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3 High Quality CDs to Consolidate Your Identity by Dr Borr

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Your identity is the core of your being.

It is the backbone of your existence. During years of relationships with people we love and associate with, we usually transfer some parts of our identity to others. We also get some parts of the identity of others.
When you love somebody, you give him/her your heart, but when the love is over, your heart, your loving emotions are not returned to you.
You feel something is missing in you. Well, the missing part is a part of your identity. Until you reclaim your missing heart and your loving emotions, you will never feel the same; you will never be the same whole as you were before.
When you do business with somebody or work with a colleague, you pass some parts of your identity in terms of trust and friendship. When the relations get strained, your identity gets fractured, split and adversely affected.
Until you reclaim and re-own what you have passed to others, and reject what you have absorbed from others, you cannot have your whole identity.
When you do not have your whole identity, you face identity crisis. If you see somebody and you anything but good, you absorb some negative energy from that person. Your identity remains split until you get rid of these feelings.
These CDs are made to help you reclaim what is yours and reject what is not yours. Your health is affected immensely by HOW you feel, HOW you think, HOW you talk, HOW you work and HOW you approach this world.
These CDs are going to give you the infrastructure for restructuring your perception of health in a way that conditions your brain for maintaining your health and rejuvenating and your cells in various conditions.

Identity crisis and identity split:

  •    Brings about many doubts and disharmony
  •    Lack of confidence
  •    Confusion
  •    Uncertainty
  •    Lack of will and resolve

When your identity is aligned:

  •    You feel at the top of the world
  •    You think that you can do everything and practically you can do.
  •    You talk with confidence and enthusiasm
  •    Your immune system gets enormous boost
  •    Your attitude becomes positive
  •    You make right decisions
  •    You become healthy
  •    You become focused
  •    You become energetic
  •    Your attention becomes vigorous

As a result of these factors you will become successful in what you do and generate immense wealth and retain your health at the same time.
Your health is also totally dependent on how much your identity is aligned. People with harmonised inner self and outer self usually experience considerable peace, which cannot be disturbed by many intrusive unpleasant circumstances. They develop a strong character and personality that provides them with enormous health resources. These health resources usually become active when a threat is posed.
These CDs are designed to consolidate your identity and harmonise different elements and factors inside and outside you. They generate a fundamental base for constructing your life in a measured and managed way. They integrate your different resources and help you to move towards specific results and objectives. They give you direction, purpose and the will to pursue them.
These CDs provide the foundations on which you can build your present and your future with confidence and energy, knowing that you are going to develop the capability for exploring new opportunities and having the ability for grabbing them and turning them into viable projects, products and results.

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