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3 High Quality CDs to Consolidate Your Identity by Dr Borr

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These CDs are designed to help you coach yourself or other people:

  •    To Master the skills of problem solving
  •    To develop a forward-looking mind
  •    To develop strategic thinking
  •    To Establish a culture that "there is a way out
  •    To understand how the brain works and directing it towards finding solutions
  •    To increase productivity
  •    To make right decision first time
  •    To enhance creativity
  •    To think, feel and act like a person who is confident of finding solutions
  •    To manage thoughts and organise information in a new way

These CDs are for you:

If you are a leader determined to create a culture of creativity

If you are a leader coaching others

If you are a coach, coaching leaders to find solutions

If you want to be more creative

If you are an ordinary person, determined to predict the future and suggest solutions

If you are a trainer, providing training

If you wish to become a person of great understanding with the best problem solving skills

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